Monday, August 5, 2013

Honestly Annoying

This morning,  I was over at People I Want to Punch in the Throat blog page. (I love that lady. She is great and funny and one day I hope to meet her. Jen, if you're reading this, you are awesome and I pretty much looooovvveeee you. More about that another day.) She was pissed about this Jessica Alba owned company attacking another Mom Blogger. I did my research and I'm pretty pissed, too.

1. Why did Honest Company ever do an interview with The Honest Toddler? Honest Company reserved the domain name of in 2012.  Shortly after this interview they asked for The Honest Toddler to shut down and start over because Honest Company was afraid people would become confused between expensive diapers and a sneering toddler. D you really think mom's are that stupid, Honest Company? I know the difference between a $10.00 bottle (By the way, what the eff is that? A $10.00 bottle? geeeez) and a hilarious comment from a baby about daily life. Not baby. Toddler. They state that being called a baby is the same as a racial slur. Shit. Please accept my apologies. Thanks.


C. Is Honest Company going to go after every company with Honest in their name or are they just bullying a mom blogger? There are so many different things with honest in their name, but why won't Honest Company go after them? Well, there is Honest Tea and Honest Kids which are ran by Coca-Cola. Yea, I wouldn't mess with them, either. Or what about Honest Mom? I don't see them attacking that Mom Blogger.

They have gone after this Mom because she has been so successful. Her blog, social media and book has really taking off. She's put in all the frustrating hours of trying to publicize her blog and it's paid off. However, Honest Company will not take her down without a fight and will not bully any of us Mom's. We stick together and we fight for what's right. That's what we do.

I encourage you to share this blog and also Tweet, Honest Company and Jessica Alba (it makes them nervous), to leave Honest Toddler alone.  #thehonestcompanysucks

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